Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic the 35th District Court has suspended the performance of Marriages or Weddings until further notice. More information can be found on the courts Emergency plan on our home page. 

Marriage Ceremony Requests
The 35th District Court Judges are given the authority [MCL 551.7.1(a)] to perform marriage ceremonies in our jurisdictions and the State of Michigan.

Prior to making the request and coming to court you will need:

  • A Marriage License: For information please contact the Wayne County Clerk
  • Two witnesses: A witness must be old enough to sign their name and understand what they have witnessed and signed.
  • $10.00 fee to be paid at the cashier after the ceremony

When you are ready there are three ways to send a request to us

  1. Request by Email
    1. In the email include
      • In the subject line type:  Marriage Ceremony Request
      • First/last/middle names of the two individuals to be married.
      • Will the individuals keep their surnames or who will be taking which name? (for the purposes of preparing court documents prior to marriage)
      • Do you reside in Plymouth, Canton, or Northville?
      • Will you be exchanging rings?
      • Will you be given away by someone?
  2. Request by mail
    • You may use the Marriage Ceremony request form we have online.
    • Include a mailing address, phone number and email address where we may contact you.
    • send it to: Attn: Marriage Request, 35th District Court, 660 Plymouth Road, Plymouth MI, 48170
  3. Request by fax
    • Fill out our Marriage Ceremony request form.
    • Include a mailing address, phone number and email address where we may contact you.
    • Fax your request to 734-781-0106 with Attn Marriage Ceremony requests

We will get back to you via email or phone to set a date and time.