General Civil Fax Number: (734)454-9303
Civil Contact Email Address:
Civil Clerk for Judge Gerou
Civil Clerk for Judge Lowe
Civil Clerk for Judge Plakas
Traffic/Criminal information: Fax Number: (734)454-9303
Contact Email Address:
Deputy Clerk for Judge Gerou
Deputy Clerk for Judge Lowe
Deputy Clerk for Judge Plakas
Jury Duty Contact Info
To speak with a Jury clerk directly Extension 320
To check on the status of your jury service (734)459-4740 then option 4
Probation Department: Fax Number: (734)781-0127
Adult probation or general questions 459-4740 option 6 then 3
Juvenile Department 459-4740 option 6 then 1
Adult Probation Email Address
Specialty Court Fax Number: (734)781-0127
Juvenile Probation Department (734)459-4740 Option 6 then 1
Sobriety Court
Juvenile Court
Administrative Email address
Court Reporters
Judge Lowe
Judge Plakas
Judge Gerou

For Court Transcripts please contact the Court Reporter whose judge heard the case.