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Attorney Appearance
Felony-Request for Court-Appointed Attorney and Order


Translated Forms

All Forms listed below are in English. Translated forms can be found on the Michigan courts Website.

General Civil # of Copies
MC03 Answer, Civil Original +2 copies
DC99 Motion and Affidavit to set aside Default Original +2 copies
MC01 Summons and Complaint Original +5 copies
MC09 Dismissal Original +2 copies
MC17 Satisfaction of Judgment Original +2 copies
All General Civil Forms

Small Claims # of Copies
DC84 Affidavit and Claim for Small Claims Original + 3 copies
DCI84 Collecting a small claims judgment
DC85 Small Claims Judgment
DC86 Demand and Order for Removal
All Small Claim Forms

Landlord Tennant # of Copies
DC100a Demand for Possession Non-Payment of rent see Instructions
DC100c Notice to Quit to Recover Possession of Property see Instructions
DC102a LT Complaint Non-Payment of Rent see Instructions
DC102c LT Complaint to Recover Possession of Property see Instructions
DC104 Summons see Instructions
All Landlord/Tenant forms can be found here

DC213 Misdemeanor Advice of rights
Other Misdemeanor Criminal forms

MC326 - Notice of Hearing and Motion
Alcohol Drug Support Group sign in sheet
Community Services
Holiday Breath testing information Form
Monthly Report
Random Alcohol & Drug Screen information form
All Probation Forms from the State Court Administrators office

Court Brochures & Publications
A citizen's guide to the criminal justice system
Do-It yourself personal protection order
Teenage Choices and Legal Consequences