Plymouth, 35th District Court
COLLECTIONS for Traffic and Criminal Cases:

The 35th District Court has taken an active approach in enforcing the court orders of delinquent cases. We have a part-time clerk who focuses on these duties.

There are a variety of efforts in place to aid the identification of delinquent court ordered fines and costs. These efforts include:
  • Locating current addresses for delinquent cases: We are using several “people locator” programs and websites to assist us in finding current addresses for those who owe outstanding fines and costs to the court.
  • Sending request for payment notices: We have been using account delinquency software to more aggressively identify past due accounts. Once accounts are identified, notices are sent out. These collection notices have been a tremendous success in allowing people to pay, on a voluntary basis. 
  • Payment plans: Individuals enter into a voluntary agreement to pay on a payment plan.
  • Withholding of wages: Used in conjunction with payment plans this may be used for those who fail to follow through with their court ordered payments. In this situation, a portion of their paycheck will be forwarded to the court to pay off their balance at a reasonable weekly or bi-weekly rate. 
  • Tax garnishments: Through a court order, we pursue payment through a person’s income tax refund.  These tax garnishments can be renewed annually until the obligation to the court is satisfied. 
  • Collecting past due fines and costs from prisoners: By request of the court, the Department of Corrections will withhold a portion of a prisoners commissary account and forward that amount to the court that has an outstanding case with the individual. The sweeps of their account occur until the outstanding obligation to the court is satisfied. 
  • Pursuing past due Civil Infractions: We set a court date for the individual to appear in court to answer for why they have failed to pay their obligations in a timely manner.  Failure to appear at this hearing will result in a bench warrant being issued for the individual. 

If you would like to make a payment on a disposed case here is our policy

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