Landlord Tenant:
Landlord Tenant matters follow the same set of court rules as general civil matters and require the same burden of proof.  However, landlord-tenant cases follow much different timelines than general civil or small claims cases.

Filing a Claim:
Based on the outcome you want you have two options: You must wait until after the required notice has elapsed, then bring to court the following items:
  • The Original form (DC100c or DC100a) plus three copies with proof of service (bottom of page) completed and signed.
  • Summons filled out with both party names and addresses. (non-carbonized forms you must provide five copies)  The court will assign dates and times for your hearing.
  • Complaint completely filled out and signed. (Non-carbonized forms, you must provide four copies). You will be charged if the court has to make copies.
  • Four copies of any existing lease agreements.
  • Form DC 511 Verification Regarding CDC Eviction Moratorium Declaration, Original plus 2 copies. (include 2 additional copies for each defendant)
  • An envelope addressed to each defendant (tenant) with enough postage to bear the weight of the pleadings (which includes copies of all the above) and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to yourself. MINIMUM POSTAGE FOR TENANT ENVELOPES IS 2 OUNCES
  • Filing fee(see fee schedule)

If there is more than one defendant (tenant) on a case, you must provide a set of the above papers for each defendant.

The owner of the property or his/her attorney must appear in court at the time of the hearing. If you have any questions regarding the legal aspects of your case, please consult an attorney or contact the court for Legal Aid telephone numbers.

For all Fees related to landlord-tenant see the Civil Fees Page.

For more information or help on Landlord-Tenant cases additional online help is available through Michigan Legal Help