To file a Civil claim in the 35th District Court, the business or person you are suing must do business, live in, or the event giving rise to the dispute must have occurred in the Canton, Northville, or Plymouth communities.

Pleadings can be filed in-person, by mail or left in the drop box located at the front of the Courthouse in the parking lot.  Appropriate filing fees must be included.  In addition, all items listed under the Civil tab and specified for each General Civil, Small Claim or Landlord-Tenant filing are required.  Questions/Inquiries may be left on the civil voice mail and your call will be returned to you within 24 hours excluding weekends. 

Please Note:

  • New filings for Landlord Tenant cases will be scheduled by the Court. Dates and times for the hearing should be left blank.
  • Prepaid envelopes to each tenant must have a minimum postage of 2 ounces.
  • A separate check for each housing complex will be required for the filing fee.
  • All paperwork being forwarded with a specific check must be enclosed in the same envelope.

The Court handles the following civil matters: Points to consider:The court is only a tool that is available to you for settling disputes or establishing and reducing your claim to judgment. You are responsible for:
  • Locating the parties.
  • Determining your course of action.
  • Gathering your witnesses and evidence.
While the staff of this Court will try to help either party to an action, you must understand:
  • Our clerks are not attorneys, and therefore cannot give legal advice.
  • The Judge/magistrate may not and will not give advice on matters they may have to rule on.
  • The Court can render money judgments only. As long as there is no criminal activity taking place the court has no power to force anyone to do something or to stop doing something.
Civil Case Process
  1. Filing a claim
  2. Settlement hearing date and Trial
  3. Civil Collections
Civil Fees - Civil case fees & Interest Rates for Money Judgments (pdf format)
Civil Dept Fax Number Fax Number: (734)454-9303
Civil Contact Email Address:
Civil Clerk for Judge Gerou
Civil Clerk for Judge Lowe
Civil Clerk for Judge Plakas