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If you received an email from Court Innovations requesting payment and you have already paid your fine/fee. Please ignore this message as it was sent in error from Court Innovations.

When you arrive at the court, please use the link below to check-in.

Electronic check-in

We are introducing Online Dispute Resolution for Traffic Citations. Please allow 1 to 2 business days from the time you receive your Civil Infraction.

Online Case Review

We have updated our Virtual Hearing Policy.

Virtual Hearing Policy

35th District Court Emergency Plan COVID-19

In accordance with the Michigan Supreme Court’s Return to Full Capacity Guide, updated June 21, 2021, and pursuant to Administrative Order No. 2020-14, the 35th District Court shall operate as follows, effective immediately:

The doors shall be open to the public and matters may now be held In-Person, so long as in a manner that is consistent with local public health guidance and in compliance with the directives of MIOSHA.

All participants in any matter that requires their appearance or testimony will be notified in advance as to whether their case will be heard In-Person at the Court, or virtually by way of Zoom, to be determined by the presiding Judge.

All parties must fully complete the applicable “Electronic Check In Forms” referenced on their Notice/Ticket, regardless of whether their matter is being heard In-Person or virtually by way of Zoom.  No case shall be called by the presiding Judge until after this process has been fully and properly completed.

A party to a matter may request an alternative participation method than what has been originally assigned (i.e., request that a scheduled In-Person hearing be heard via Zoom, or that a scheduled Zoom hearing be heard In-Person).  To exercise this opportunity, a party must make an email request to the Judge’s Courtroom Clerk no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the scheduled hearing, and the presiding Judge shall decide at his earliest convenience if the request shall be granted.  Said requests will not be considered unless emailed to the appropriate Clerk of the Judge to whom the matter has been assigned:

Deputy Clerk for Judge Gerou: judgegeroucourtclerk@35thdistrictcourt.org

Deputy Clerk for Judge Lowe: judgelowecourtclerk@35thdistrictcourt.org

Deputy Clerk for Judge Plakas: judgeplakascourtclerk@35thdistrictcourt.org


All “Reporting Probation” shall be conducted by way of telephone or virtually by way of Zoom, unless the Probationer is directed otherwise by a Probation Officer, with communications to be initiated by Court personnel.

The scheduling of Probation Department appointments shall be at the discretion of each Probation Officer, and shall be communicated to each Probationer by way of email, telephone or a Notice that is mailed from the Court to the most recent address provided by the Probationer.

Probationers are advised to contact their Probation Officer for any and all questions and concerns they may have related to their matter.

Access to the court building is as follows:

The Courthouse is open to the public, and all visitors must maintain three (3) foot social distancing at all times while in the building and while upon the 35th District Court premises.

Signage is posted at the entrance of the building requiring the public to self-screen for any COVID symptoms prior to gaining entry into the Courthouse, and instructing those who are exhibiting symptoms not to enter the building, and to immediately leave the premises, and contact the Court so that alternate arrangements may be made.

For information on face covering and social distancing  you may read our Face Covering and Social Distancing policy 

Should there be a local resurgence in COVID-19 cases in the 35th District’s jurisdiction, the Court may be required to implement additional or alternative COVID-19 mitigation measures and procedures previously provided for in the Return to Full Capacity Phases 1-3.